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Marta Jonville is a curator, researcher, artist, and cultural organizer. She is a member of the un-space collective LUNIK.


  • SPEAP, SciencesPo Paris, Master in Arts and Politics created by Bruno Latour

  • I-TEAM 2016/2017 European programme of cultural and social innovation – Relais Culture Europe

  • ENSAD Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Art Décoratif de Limoges – DNSEP (Master) 1994

  • Hull School of Art and Design – 1992

  • Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Limoges, Administration of Culture 1995


  • French ministry of culture 2004

  • Opline Prize 2009

  • French ministry of culture 2016


  • The Walking School, Social Sculpture in progress

  • Des Ensembles, exhibition in collaboration with Łukasz Białkowski and Tomas Matauko in the Polarium of La Fabrique Pola in Bordeaux, France. 

  • Mechanizmy Porozumiewania, exhibition in collaboration with Tomas Matauko and Piotr Sikora in MOS in Krakow, Poland. 

  • Mechanizmy k dohode, film program and exhibition in collaboration with Tomas Matauko in Tabačka KulturFabrik in Košice, Slovakia. 

  • Deadline, exhibition in collaboration with Tomas Matauko in Multi Arts Center Bakelit in Budapest, Hungary

  • Mécanismes pour une entente, Social Sculture, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania

  • Feedback – Kosice, Slovakia Barbara une Hache dans un Coeur // Québec – Trois Rivière – Montréal


  • Teacher for EBABX Bordeaux, Open studio 2013 / 2014

  • Teacher for The Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow – ASP : Open studio 2013 / 2014

  • Teacher in Tuke, Art Faculty, Kosice, Slovakia, Open Atelier « Performance in public spaces. »


  • Founding member and unifying of Post-models/ performing & feminist group

  • Founding member of Fabrique Pola

  • Founding member of PointBarre


  • Théatre Nanterre Amandiers, 2017-2018 – Research – Occupy Earth

  • Art & Nature, Ecopunk : animal cause & radicale ecology / Sant Cruz 2017

  • Walking School, Entropia + La Gare Mondiale in Athens for the Documenta 14, May 2017 

  • Le Bel Ordinaire, Pau, France, January and June 2017 

  • Walking School, Sweden, December 2016 

  • Résonnances – Leibzig / September 2016 

  • Mieszkancy Galeria-Sobieskiego 24/11, Krakow – PointBarre AIR Programm, 2012/2014

  • Not Quiet, Sweden, July 2010

  • Feedback – PointBarre & Tabacka Kulturfabrik AIR program. Kosice, Slovakia, 2008/2010

  • Barbara une hache dans un coeur, itinerant résidences : Quebec, Trois-Rivière, Montreal, La

  • Sauvagine/Nova, « The Activists Chronicles » six-month residency in Nova Sauvagine radio, Bordeaux, France

  • Import / Export, La Fonderie Darling, Montreal, Quebec, 2002

    «Mechanisms for a tent» Slovakia and Hungary

  • «Utopia, wyspa, ręka i głos» Mieszkancy Galeria-Sobieskiego 24/11, Krakow

  • «Various things about various things» Performances and talks, curated by Damien Airault / F.A.I.T. / Krakow

  • Poetry, Not Quiet, Fengersfors, Sweden

  • “On the Beach”, Not Quiet, Fengersfors, Sweden

  • 24 hours of performances, Feedback TNT Bordeaux, France

  • “Alice Hole”, Les Grandes Traversées, curated by Jared Gardinger, Bordeaux, France

  • “Will always dance with utopias”, Performance Use the-Festival City, Kosice, Slovakia

  • “Prototype for a Mobile Dance Floor”, performance for Noc Noc 09, VGS Gallery, Kosice, Slovakia,


  • Earth Policy Workshops, Théâtre Nanterre Amandiers, 2018

  • I-TEAM / Bergerac, Valencia, Kiev, Leipzig, Istanbul, Shiefield, 2016/2017

  • NBorder, organised by l’Ecole des Beaux Arts Pau Pyrénnées in Bardenas desert, Spain

  • Feedback, TNT, Bordeaux, with french and Slovak artists, Bordeaux, France

  • FotoFiction, Tabaska Kulturfabrik, Kosice, Slovakia

  • Lieux Possibles curated by Le Bruit du Frigo, Bordeaux, France

  • Un an, un artiste, une oeuvre work program ordered by the school Mirail, Bordeaux

  • Le Grand Atelier in EBABX, École d’Enseignement superieur d’art de Bordeaux, France, curated by Damien Airault